Sunday, September 30, 2007


I realize now after reading back over the past posts that I had the date of last Friday's show as July 28 instead of September 28. Whoops! Hopefully anyone who reads this is smarter than I am and realized the mistake.

I don't know why this is underlined all of a sudden, I can't turn the underlining off. Anyway, nothing on the menu until 10/20, due to birthdays and THE FEAST OF THE HUNTERS MOON (!!!!!) so maybe we'll see you all at the Klein Brot Haus!

And maybe next time I post, the whole thing won't be underlined!!

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Connie Lee said...

Hello! I'm from the Purdue Exponent and I'm working on a story about this year's Feast of the Hunter's Moon. You seem to have a pretty strong interest in the annual event. Would you be willing to speak briefly with me about this year's Feast, or refer me to somebody who would? My e-mail is hlee at purdue dot edu.

I am available tomorrow (Monday) 3pm - 10pm, Tuesday 1pm - 10pm, and Wednesday 3pm - 10pm. Please give me a phone number where I may reach you; the phone interview should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Thank you, and I earnestly hope to hear from you soon!